Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yao Zhenshan

Yao Zhenshan , (?-1938)Chinese soldier and leader of Anti Japanese volunteer army forces in the resistance to the Pacification of Manchukuo.

Before the Mukden Incident, Yao was a captain commanding a company in the Third Battalion, 676th Regiment, 27th Brigade of the Kirin Provincial Army. Following the invasion of Manchuria he joined Wang Delin's Chinese People's National Salvation Army.

After the Army of Wang Delin was defeated and retreated from Manchukuo, Yao Zhenshan remained behind in eastern Kirin province. National Salvation Army's acting Commander-in-Chief Wu Yicheng soon appointed him brigade commander. He lead it north and south to on various expeditions, and coordinated with other Anti Japanese forces in harassing the Japanese. In 1934, was made the First Corps commander of the one of three in the National Salvation Army. He later cooperated with the 2nd Route Army of the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army in the war against Japanese and their Manchukuoan armies.

Following Yao's death in battle in 1938, the wife of Kong Xianrong another of Wang Delin's subordinates, led the remains of his forces, a small band which fought on until the spring of 1941 when it was annihilated.

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